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5% GST applicable on Food, Soft Drinks and Snacks sold in Snack Bar and Food Court : AAR

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The items supplied in Snack Bar and Food Court shall be chargeable to GST in terms of Notification No.11/2017-Central Tax (Rate) as amended by Notification No.46/2017-Central Tax (Rate) and corresponding notification under MPGST ACT, 2017 at prevailing rate of 5%(2.5% SGST and 2.5% CGST), subject to conditions laid down at Serial Number 7 of the parent Notification classifiable under SAC 9963.

"Further, on a different point of argument, we would also like to consider whether the impugned service would fall under the category of Outdoor Catering. The term 'Outdoor Catering' was defined under Section 65(76)(a) of the erstwhile Finance Act 1994 as "Outdoor caterer means a caterer engaged in providing service in connection with catering at place other than his own but including a place provided by way of tenancy or otherwise by the person receiving such service". On considering the common parlance meaning of 'Outdoor Catering' and its above definition for Service Tax, we come to the conclusion that the supply of food, soft drinks and snacks sold in the Food Court or Snack Bar of the Applicant cannot by any stretch of imagination, be treated as a part of outdoor catering." the authority said.

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