Interpretation of Indirect Tax Statutes


Including GST

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Product description

This book deals with the general rules of Interpretation and topics covered by the four main enactments pertaining to indirect taxes namely Customs, Central Excise, Services Tax and GST.

It also covers the general provisions relating to taxation such as classification, valuation and demand pertaining to short recovery and refund of the excess payment. It also covers the topics such as strict liability, Res judicata, other general concepts of law, relating to taxation such as rule of stare decisis and exceptions to the rule of stare decisis.

Key Features

  • Concepts of interpretation of tax statutes lucidly explained
  • Exclusive chapter on:
    • GST
    • Service Tax
  • Exhaustive coverage on Natural Justice and theory of precedent
  • Special emphasis on the decisions of the CESTAT on all the topics
  • Comprehensive coverage of cases on:
    • Levy of Customs, Central Excise, Service tax and GST
    • Classification of goods and services
    • Exemptions
    • Valuation of goods and services
    • CENVAT Credit/Input Tax Credit
    • Recovery of Tax dues
    • Refund/Rebate
    • Small Scale Exemption

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