Daily Law Times Private Limited in short (DLTPL) is a Company registered under the Companies Act in the year 2012 vide CIN No. U72900RJ2012PTC037902, leading Web portal dedicated towards making legal information on the Internet available for all in a much convenient way possible. The Company is also registered under Government of India’s initiative for Startups and has been issued Certificate from Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) as Startups.

DLTPL is the only portal committed for the practicing Advocates, paralegal, Counsels, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Students from all the subjects of Legal and Taxation which also covers day to day adjustment in any subject of law through its most dedicated team.

The Daily Law Times Online Book Store is a platform where all books related to Legal and Taxation field covering Student and Professional Edition books covering all Subjects of Law from the All Major National and International Publicationsfrom all across the Country. Moreover, the Book Store provide the books through its delivery partner in all parts of India. Presently we have made available 2000+ books from the most reputed publishers in India namely LexisNexis, Wolters Kluwer, CCH, Bharat Law House, Taxmann, Eastern Law House, Bloomsbury, OAK Publisher, Universal Law, Commercial Law, Lawmann and many more renowned publications house.

The DLTPL Online Book Store has covered books on the subjects mainly from Constitution of India, Income Tax, Excise, Customs, Goods and Service Tax, Corporate Laws and SEBI, Foreign Laws, Trade Practices,Travel & Tourism, Trade Mark, Tort & Personal Injury, Telecommunications,Taxation, Revenue & Customs, Succession, Space Law, Social Welfare & Services, Service Tax, Women & the Law, Wills & Probate, VAT, Value Added Tax, Treaties, Securities, Secured Transactions,Right to Information, Resources Law, Remedies, Religion & the Law, Regulatory Law, Refugees & Asylum, Real Property, Real Estate,Petroleum, Patent, Outer Space, Ombudsmen, Muslim Laws, Money Laundering, Mining, Military Law, Medicine, Media & Communications, Maritime Law, Litigation, Legal Theory, Legal System, Legal Practice, Legal History, Law Reform, Law and Economics, Land Law, Industrial and Labour Laws, Jurisprudence, Jurisdictional Issues, Islamic Law,International Trade,International Law,International Agreements, Intellectual Property, Insurance, Insolvency & Bankruptcy, Inheritance, Infrastructure, Information Technology, Indigenous Law,Human Rights, History of Law, Hindu, Health & Medicine,GST,Good Governance,Freedom of Information (FOI),Forest,Foreign Investment, Foreign Exchange Laws, Family Law, Excise, Environment, Entertainment, Arts & Sport Law, Employment Law, Elections, Defamation, Deeds & Other Instruments ,Data Protection, Cyberspace, Cyber Laws, Customs, Criminal, Corruption, Copyright, Contracts, Consumer Protection, Consumer Credit, Consumer, Construction Law, Constitutional Law, Constitution, Conflict of Law, Computerisation of Law, Competition Law, Company & SEBI, Companies, Civil Law, Citizenship & Migration, Censorship, Capital Markets, Business, Trade & Commerce Law, Bankruptcy, Banking & Finance, Aviation Law, Art Law, Arbitration, Anti-Corruption, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Agriculture, Administrative Law, Accounting & Auditing,

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