1) Purchase of any Book available on our Book Store is very simple and easy. You can select any or multiple book of single or multiple publisher and place the order while Just click on “Add To Cart” and once you click on that you will find Checkout Option in right Side.

2) You can add more books if you want otherwise you can click on “Checkout” Option. Thereafter, please fill the entire Billing Details alongwith Land Mark of your address where the book has to be delivered. Please try to provide the complete postal address with name of person, phone number, email and City and State alongwith Pincode Number, so that the Delivery Boy can deliver the same at your Doorstep without any hindrance.

3) Once we receive your Order, you will also receive simultaneously Confirmation through email. If any book for which you have placed the order and the book that time is Out of Stock, then we will refund the amount paid by you within “24 Hours”.

4) In case the book is ready then we will dispatch the book same day through proper delivery method. Our delivery partner is Delhivery. Usually we process the order same day but in case if there is any issue related to availability of the Book then it may be process next day. Normal delivery time is between 3 to 5 days depends upon the place of delivery.

5) Once the delivery is made we will provide you the Waybill/Reference No. and expected date of delivery.

6) You can cancel the order before the delivery docket issued to you. Once the delivery is generated with our Delivery Partner then the order will not be cancelled.

7) We expect from our customers that before placing of the Order, please check twice that whether they have ordered for right book and right publisher.

8) We Daily Law Times Private Limited does not guarantee about the authenticity of the book or its print quality. We always try to provide the book in well condition, any major damage of the book will be handled case to case basis. We do not guarantee for any kind of refund against the any misprint of the pages in the book.

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