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Avionics systems are the vital information tool of modern Aerospace systems ranging from micro-air vehicle and nano-satellite to advanced spacecraft. Starting from vacuum-based radios, the swift evolution of electronics and software has insisted the development and assimilation of sensing, processing, and communication elements to execute a wide variety of monitoring, control, and communication tasks. The arrival of new technology to general aviation aircraft has generated noticeable changes in three areas — information, automation, and options. Dramatic advances in airborne radar and electronic warfare systems and electro-optic sensors have made them key elements of modern fighter aircraft, even more than the speed and agility features of these machines. Pilots now have extraordinary information available at their fingertips. Electronic flight instruments use innovative techniques to determine aircraft attitude, speed, and altitude, presenting a wealth of information in one or more integrated presentations. The development of unmanned air vehicles makes special demands on technologies related to telemetry; secure data link, navigation and mission sensors. A suite of cockpit information systems provides pilots with data about aircraft position, planned route, engine health and performance, as well as surrounding weather, traffic, and terrain. Aerospace Avionics Systems presents a comprehensive coverage on avionics systems for air and space systems, summarizing the functionality, technologies, and interfaces that have evolved. The book describes the innovative and latest advancements in technologies for different areas of aerospace avionics. It covers a wide variety of topics in aircraft structures and advanced materials, electrical systems, control systems, examination and maintenance, avionics and radar and some other varied topics. This book serves as valued tool for engineering students, practitioners, and researchers as well will find the information useful in the avionics field.

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