A.N. Saha's The West Bengal Land Reforms Act, 1955




The Land Reforms Act 1955 was enacted to remove the impediments and encumbrances to increase agricultural production and to impose the ceiling on land holding. To meet the needs of changing situations,  the Act was amended time to time for making the Act more workable and to fulfill the prime object of the legislators, viz. to distribute surplus land among the landless and also to protect the interest of the bargadar to reduce the differences between the haves and have-nots.

Issues Discussed

There are many critical issues in the West Bengal Land Reforms Act. In this edition almost all such critical issues are discussed in detail in the light of the judgments of the apex court and the High Court. The issues which are discussed in this edition are inter alia bona fide requirement, ceiling of holding, constitutional validity of different provisions of the Act, delegated legislation, holdings, jurisdiction, non-agricultural tenancy, pre-emption, rights and duties of raiyat, record of rights, revenue, Scheduled Tribes, settlement of  khas land, transfer of holding and notice.

This updated edition of this work on land reforms covers almost all the important and complicated issues of law and their probable resolutions.

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