An Insights Into Indian Accounting Standards


2 Volumes


The Ind AS Adoption and transition is having significant Impact on the financial reporting and Other Analysis. Recently, MCA notified Ind AS 115, Revenue from Contracts with Customers vide notification dated March 28, 2018. This book covers Ind AS 115 and updated with all the MCA notification till the date of publication with respect to Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) amendment rules and also covered Income Computation and disclosure standards updated with Finance Act, 2018. The book is ingredient with Examples, Case studies and Analysis of issues discussed in Educational Material and ITFG bulletins at relevant places. The book is divided in two volumes.

Volume- I is divided in to 6 divisions/ 14 chapters along with Ind AS Glossary. For better understanding and guidance, The Chapters are divided in to Introduction, Roadmap, Key Carve outs, First time adoption, Balance Sheet, P&L, Cash Flow, Group reporting and Specific Accounting, Disclosures, Presentation related Ind AS and Industry Specific related Ind AS along with practical issues, case studies and examples at appropriate places. The detailed tabular comparison of Ind AS Vs AS and IFRS Vs. Ind AS is also given in division IV of the Volume I. Disclosures are the essence of Ind AS and a comprehensive disclosure checklist is given in division V of this Volume. Division VI has detailed analysis of ICDS (updated by Fin Act. 2018). The complete Ind AS Glossary is compiled at one place and given in division VI of this Volume.

The updated text of all 39 Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS)duly incorporating all Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) Amendment Rules, Ind AS compliant Schedule III and All Updated ICDS has been given in Volume II of the book. This publication shall immensely help the accounting professionals in-depth understanding and implementing the Ind AS. This book shall provide conceptual clarity, guidance and act as one shop solution for Ind AS and ICDS.

The book also contains Ind AS based Annual Reports including the first time adoption annual reports of various companies.

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