An Introduction to Intellectual Asset Management


By Sunita K Sreedharan



Introduction to Intellectual Asset Management examines various ways adopted by leading companies in managing their intellectual assets and intellectual properties in leveraging them for optimal returns. Using case laws and anecdotes, the book explains how intellectual properties have created wealth for its creators whether they are patents, trademarks, copyright or design by careful negotiations and contractual obligations.

The book provides an insight to the processes involved in the legal and business aspects of recognizing intellectual assets, converting them to intellectual property protecting and using them to create a brand value foe the organisation and the decision makers for creating and strategising new goals and achieving the existing ones.

Among other related topics, the book includes:

– An overview of the Intellectual property system prevailing in India.

– Means of identifying intangible assets in a business or an organisation.

– Ways of converting intangible assets/ Intellectual assets into intellectual property.

– An Overview of the IP Audit processes.

– Practical suggestions on managing, leveraging and optimising intellectual assets.