Arbitration Awards - Law on Setting Aside and Execution of Arbitration Awards, Agreements and Appointment of Arbitrators



This book deals exclusively with the three most important topics of arbitration law, namely arbitration awards, agreements and appointment of arbitrators. it contains exhaustive commentary on law and procedure on these topics along with samples of relevant applications included as appendices.

This book will be useful guide for finalizing the grounds for setting aside of the award given by the arbitrators while filing application under section 34 of the Act. It has focused on various grounds available under the Act for challenging the award with relevant case law for which three chapters have been devoted exclusively to the grounds. it also deals with foreign awards besides domestic awards, as most of the grounds for setting aside the awards under the two regimes are similar.

A complete chapter has been given for execution of the awards; detailing the procedure for enforcement of awards in India with case law. A sample for filing an application for execution has also been provided as a guide as an appendix.

Useful for lawyers, judges, arbitrators, arbitration consultants, technical advisors and engineers dealing with arbitration matters and parties involved in transactional & commercial contracts, etc. Tool for the legal community to interpret various legal provisions relating to arbitration awards. Unique collection of law for challenging arbitration awards in India. Concise commentary on law and procedure relating to domestic awards, and foreign awards. Arbitration Law applicable to domestic and foreign awards and salient features. Jurisdiction of courts and grounds for setting aside awards. Applicable procedure for execution of arbitration awards. Composition of arbitral tribunal, Jurisdiction of arbitral tribunal, proceedings, award, appeal, arbitrators` fees, qualification, venue, language, limitation, evidence, and challenge to jurisdiction. Recent developments and land mark judgments by courts.

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