Bloomsbury and Corporate Lex Publisher's Company Law Ready Referencer


By CS Rupanjana De & CA Sanjay Agarwal



Second Edition: 2018

This book has been written with the main objective to ease understanding of company law in day to day working. The Legislation has been written and presented in a manner that users will find it very easy to get all relevant information at the same place, including related rules and secretarial standards. The book is an easy referencer with procedures dotted in the form of flow charts and tables. The first edition of the book was very successful and highly appreciated and accepted among professionals, corporates, government officials and students.

Key Features :

  • With 80+ Referencers containing more than 160 procedures, tables & charts.
  • Contains the following lucid charts for procedures/compliances under the Companies Law:
    • Compliance requirements – Annual & Others.
    • Disclosure requirements in Financial Statements, Board Reports etc.
    • Flow chart for Name Change, Conversion, Directors, Auditors, KMP, Allotment, Registered Office, Charges, Managerial Remuneration, Removal of Name, Acceptance of Deposits, Buy-back of Securities, Declaration and Payment of Dividend, Loan, Advances and Borrowings, Related Party Transactions, Dormant/Inactive Company and many more.
    • LLP – Advantage, Registration, Conversion, Closure, Compliances, Returns & Records, FLLP.
    • Act, Rules, Standards and table/flow charts of procedures- all integrated at one place with comments on each section.About the author