Business Valuation - A Practitioner’s Guide to Valuation of Companies




This book is designed keeping in mind the dual needs of a Practising valuation professional or aspiring valuer.

The book would be immensely useful for the chartered accountants, company secretaries, lawyers and management professionals and students (E.g. MBA-Finance) while understanding and learning the valuation concepts and applications.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive coverage of valuation concepts:
    • Financial Statement Analysis.
    • Overview of Valuation.
    • Fundamental analysis of a business.
    • Valuation of Equity, Bonds, Derivatives and other financial assets.
    • Valuation in special situations such as Mergers and Acquisitions, Private companies, young and start-up companies, intangibles and others.
    • Laws and Regulations relating to Valuation such as Ind AS, Companies Act, Valuation Standards, SEBI, Income –tax.
    • Case Studies.
  • Simple language and concise presentation of content.
  • Includes Case Studies.
  • Access to premium online resources and Excel Templates for valuation.


  • Provides comprehensive and practical understanding of valuation issues in India.
  • Covers valuation of various asset classes like intangibles, derivatives and fixed income securities.
  • Incorporates various regulations affecting valuation like Ind AS, Income Tax, SEBI, Companies Act among others.
  • Online Excel Templates for practical application.
  • Online resources at
  • Suitable for practicing valuers and students pursuing professional courses like CMA, MBA, CFA, CA, ACCA and Registered Valuer.

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About Author

Vikash Goel heads Omnifin Solutions and Omnifin Valuation Services (www., a professional services firm based in Kolkata. The firm serves clients in the area Talent Management (Recruitment, Training and HR Consulting) and Finance Management (Valuation and Finance Function Effectiveness). He practices as a Registered Valuer in India and serves small to mid-sized clients in assessing the value of their assets.

Vikash is a Chartered Accountant (Fellow member), CFA (ICFAI) and holds MS Finance. He is also an alumnus of St Xavier’s College, Kolkata and completed his MBA. He has studied in Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM-C) and also holds certification in Financial Modelling (NSE) and Instructional Design (BPG, USA).

Vikash leverages on his experience of close to 15 years with organisations like PwC, EY, ICA and Zacks Research in India and Canada. He also mentors start-ups and professionals in their professional and entrepreneurial pursuit.

Vikash has been passionate about Valuation since his early career. He has worked with international Investment Research firms which exposed him to global valuation standards and practices. Early in his career, he also advised brokerage firms and investment firms in picking the right stocks after solid research and stock picking.

Vikash has been an active trainer and conducts training sessions for institutions of repute and large corporations on a variety of subjects ranging from Finance, Business Valuation, Leadership, Women Mentoring, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship Development, People Development (Hiring and Retaining Talent), Directors’ Education among others.

Specially in valuation, Vikash has led valuation of assets and transactions like: Valuation for fund raising, Mergers & Acquisitions, Intangibles (Brands, Patents, Trademarks), Valuation for Financial Reporting (Ind AS, IFRS), Valuation for Taxation to name a few.