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This book consists the extrats of important views and opinions from the judgments of Hon'ble Chief Justices of India since the time they became the associate judges of the Supreme Court and spread over a period of 1950-2015. Needles to say that the judgements of higher forums open a vast arena of thoughts for scholar and persons concerned with the impact of laws on social, political, economic and moral aspects of natonal life. The judgments thus reflect the intellectual profile of the judges in the mond of readers. This is the central theme of this book. This book is first of its kind in bringing at one place some of the slected judgments containing important views and opinions having material impact on shaping the rule of law on the path of justice to all. Reading these judgments would reveal the authoritative, scholarliness and research orientation of our judges covering a vast area of jurisprudence. The work involved considerable tima nad labour and still a good number of judgments might have escaed from the notice of the author. Three topics of importance have been inserted after every ten chapters except chapter forty which is followed by epilogue. These topics will add to the interest of the readers of all discipline.

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