Child Rights and the Law


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This second edition has been revised with additional material about the latest developments in the field of Child-Rights Law and Policy Regime. The data charts on the children have been updated to help the readers of this book to get realistic insights about the conditions in which our children are living. Moreover many laws which were in their embryonic stages at the time of first edition of this book and later were enacted into law, like the law on child sexual abuse have been incorporated at the appropriate place. Further many laws which were in force at the time of first edition but were later on repealed and replaced by new law like in case of juvenile justice has been incorporated in new edition with ample commentary supported by the case-laws.
Many policies have been made, since the publication of the first edition, with respect to the protection, care, welfare and development of the children, being value loaded initiatives, have also been analyzed and incorporated in the book. The majority of the judgments of the Supreme Court and High Courts have been analyzed in relation to each topic discussed in this edition. This book is an effort to build a sort of exhaustive handbook of child related laws which incorporates every aspect of the child’s relation with law ranging from care to welfare to rights to educational development.
Child and the law invite readers of all ages and persuasions on a journey of legal, social and moral reflection about the treatment of the child in society and shows how reasoned debate can illuminate our lives. Everyone interested in the welfare of the children will want this book, as will those who study child law, child care and development, family relations and community development.

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