Commentary on The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Act


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The IRDA has been constituted for the purposes of regulating and ensuring an orderly growth of the insurance sector. It is further conferred with a mandate to protect the interests of insurance policy holders. IRDA Act, came into force in April 2000 and during the past 16 years of the existence of IRDA, many desirable reforms cutting different aspects of the insurance sector have been brought about through issuance of regulations and circulars from time to time. There have also been some landmark developments on legislative as well as judicial front, which have contributed to the growth of this particular branch of law. There has not been a single dedicated commentary on this particular branch of law and therefore this work fulfils the vacuum and exhaustively covers different aspects of this branch of law. The book examines different aspects of the IRDA, in the context of IRDA Act, 1999 as also the Insurance Act, 1938, for the benefit of the readers of this book.

This book caters to the needs of both students as well as professionals connected with the field of Insurance.

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