Company Law Ready Reckoner


By Sanjay Asher



  1. Contains Notified Rules. No other book covers the Rules till now.
  2. Written by a senior practicing professional
  3. Tabular arrangement of content in most chapters makes it easier to refer, read and understand. Other books are text format, with primary material reproduced extensively.
  4. Topic-wise (section and rules for each topic and sub topic is given) discussion is a more practical structure as professionals refer to topics. Other titles in the market follows the chapter-wise arrangement as per Companies Act..
  5. Quick Referencer containing unique tables that can be used to save time.
    1.  Form-wise referencer with corresponding Sections and related Rules. Form-wise arrangement is better.
    2. Comparative table Companies Act, 1956 v Companies Act, 2013 Other books provide chapter-wise Rules and Forms in the referencer section.
  6. Special emphasis on penalties for defaults on provisions of the Companies Act, 2013. This is not provided in other titles.
  7. Detailed Procedures covered in a practical manner.
  8. Company Law covered in detail under the broad 25 topics, which are further divided into 105 chapters. Other books claim to cover topic-wise, but in fact, covers it only Chapter-wise of Companies Act.