Compendium of Key Issues under Corporate Law




With the rapid change in statutory environment, Corporate Law has also been evolving at faster pace from past several decades. The complexities in the laws have also been rising, which poses constant challenge to practising professionals. There also exist a lot of issues which perhaps may not be addressed by legislation and delegated legislation, some of which are addressed by the judiciary. The present book is a Compendium of Key Issues under Corporate Laws covering a wide spectrum of subjects in Corporate Laws, in two Volumes.

This book brings out issues in Corporate Law covering aspects that professionals face in practice. It also brings out a lot of aspects that readers should be aware of Legislation and case laws from other jurisdictions have been analysed to provide insight into the issues.

Key Highlights:

  • Topic-wise detailed analysis of various Corporate Law issues.
  • Various issues have been organised under different heads addressing the key issues concerning the topic.
  • A detailed analysis of statutory provisions along with relevant judicial pronouncements and provisions of allied laws (wherever applicable) for each topic has been provided; e.g. SEBI Act and various Regulations issued by the SEBI.
  • Covers analysis of certain landmark judicial pronouncements.
  • Provides comparative position of various topics among Companies Act, 2013 and Companies Act, 1956.
  • Certain new concepts of Companies Act, 2013 explained in detail.
  • Rules of interpretation of statutes have been discussed wherever necessary.

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