Compendium of Key Issues Under Corporate Law (Set of 5 Vols)




Compendium of Key Issues under Corporate Laws is covering a wide spectrum of subjects in Corporate Laws, in five Volumes.
This book brings out issues in Corporate Law covering aspects that professionals face in practice. It also brings out a lot of aspects that readers should be aware of. Legislation and case laws from other jurisdictions have been analysed to provide insight into the issues.

The key features of the 5 Volume set are as below :

  • Topic-wise detailed analysis of various Corporate Law issues.
  • Various issues organised under topic heads addressing the key issues concerning the topic.
  • Detailed analysis of statutory provisions along with relevant judicial pronouncements and provisions of allied laws (wherever applicable) for each topic has been provided; e.g. SEBI Act and various Regulations issued by the SEBI.
  • Analysis of certain landmark judicial pronouncements.
  • Comparative position of various topics between Companies Act, 2013 and Companies Act, 1956.
  • Certain new concepts of Companies Act, 2013 explained in detail.
  • Rules of interpretation of statutes have been discussed wherever necessary.


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