Comprehensive Guide to Ind AS Implementation


By CA Anand J Banka & CA Alka V Adatia



Comprehensive Guide to Ind AS Implementation is a book covering summary of Ind ASs along with the guide to implementation of Ind AS. This book provides an analysis of the IND AS, a structured approach for implementing Ind AS, disclosure requirements, contextual and comparative analysis of Ind AS with ICDS vis-à-vis prevailing Indian GAAP for better understanding and it also marks out the carve outs between the Ind AS vis-à-vis IFRS. It also provides flowcharts for better understanding and simplicity of Ind AS. Each Ind AS comprises of the tips for First time adoption for an Ind AS and necessary strategic implementation guidelines.

This would be useful for first time adoption of Ind-AS by corporates. It would also be very useful for all the professionals working in the direction of implementation of Ind AS. It provides model financial statements incorporating the changes originating from Ind AS for smooth implementation.

Key features

  • This books provides a comprehensive step-wise guidance for smooth implementation of IND-AS.

  • This book provides FAQ’s for the implementation of IND AS which comes handy for the professionals while practical application of Ind AS

  • It provides various plug-in for strategic decisions for implementing each Ind AS

  • It lists down the exemptions granted while First-time adoption of Ind AS, the same is demarcated for each Ind AS

  • It provides Carve outs from IFRS for the Ind- AS as notified by MCA as on Feb’2015

  • It provides comparison of AS, Ind AS and ICDS, in order to ease in finalization of accounts both for accounting as well as income tax purposes.

  • Captures concise and self-explanatory Flowcharts which provides the summary of entire Ind AS in one snapshot.

  • It provides IFRS accounting policies, which will lay a foundation for first time implementation of Ind AS.

  • It also includes a comprehensive Disclosure Checklists for all the Ind AS ensuring no disclosure is overlooked while finalizing the accounts.

  • Implementation tools

    • First-time Adoption Illustrative financial statements

    • Accounting Policies generally practiced by companies following IFRS, as a stepping stone for Ind AS implementation

  • Includes Ind AS 18 and Ind AS 11(prospective replacements of Ind AS 115)