Criminal Law, Criminology and Admdinistration of Criminal Justice


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The book on Criminal Law, Criminology and Administration of Criminal Justice by Professor. K.D. Gaur, former ViceChancellor Utkal University, Bhubaneshwar and presently Professor Emeritus, Bharti Vidya Peeth University New Law College, Pune, is a masterly exercise to project the latest innovations, through judicial and administration techniques of creativity. Keeping in view the broad objective, the book includes literature covering various aspects of criminal law, criminology and human rights including social sciences related materials. The book includes thought provoking articles by eminent jurists, judges, distinguished law teachers, administrators, social scientists and those involved in the administration of criminal justice from India, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia and many other countries.

Articles have been carefully selected and grouped under five sections:

SECTION I: Goals of Constitution and Administration of Criminal Justice: Includes 15 articles relating to administration of criminal justice; rule of Law, Contemporary challenges in the context of Indian Criminal Judicial System; Values in a Democracy; Reform of the Criminal Judicial System in India in the context of Malimath Committee Recommendations, Role of Responsible Opposition in Parliamentary Democracy, political Reality, the Rule of Law and Teleological Morality, Goals of Indian Constitution and Westminster model, Constitutional Rights, Freedom and Role of Media in India, Criminal Justice Delivery System, Telecommunication and Broadcasting in India, Constitutional issues in the context of IXth Schedule of the Constitution and importance of liberty for protecting society by reducing occurrence of crime in a democracy.

SECTION II:  Crime and Criminal Law: includes 10 articles relating to search for appropriate punishment, Fundamental principles, aims, objects and theories of punishment and paradoxes in Common Law of Crimes visa vis Criminal Law of United Kingdom, Hongkong and India, Law of Criminal Proceedings in India and England; Right to Silence, Proportionality in noncapital sentencing: US Supreme Court`s tortured approach to Cruel and Unusual Punishment.

SECTION III: Human Rights and Criminal Law: Encompass the Essence of Constitutional Governance and application of Human Rights in Criminal Justice, Right to life and personal liberty, implementation of Human Rights in Indian Scenario, Law reforms in the context of gender bias visavis Human Rights, Sociolegal issues involved in Right to Die in Peace, Human Rights of detainees and prisoners visavis Rights of the victim for violation of Fundamental Human Rights. Remedial source for violation of Human Rights of Women Prisoners in the United States, Poor victim of uses and abuses of Criminal Law and Criminal Process.

SECTION IV: Criminal Jurisprudence and Social Defence: Includes articles relating to Social Justice for the Poor, Criminal abuse of constitutional privileges, Law and the Poor: Some recent developments in India; Poor Woman; Victim of Dowry, Bride Burning and Sati, Justice to victims of Crimes, Criminal Legal Aid in British Colombia, Canada, Abortion and the Law in countries of Indian subcontinent, United Kingdom, United States etc.

SECTION V: Crime Control and Criminal Process: Includes articles relating to Human Rights and Terrorism, Death penalty in America: Can Justice be done, German Criminal Law Relating to International Terrorism; Policing Drug Addicts in Germany, Mass Media and Crimes, Germanycountry without Capital Punishment; Waiting for Justice; Prosecution failure; White Collar Crime in India; A comparison of law of Defamation: British and American legal systems, Liability for Reckless Infection; Encouraging accused not to Testify, Fine and Correctional Administration, Adversarial system Need for reform; Failure of Internal Security, Liability of Lawyer in Contempt proceedings, International Perspective on Death Penalty with reference to India and United States, Computer related crimes in India and Victim`s Assistance.

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