DD BASU Commentary on the Constitution of India, 8th edn. 2011, Vol. 8 (HB)



The commentary was first published within nine months of the commencement of the Constitution in 1950. A pioneering work on the Indian Constitution, the series is not merely a digest of cases. It is the authoritative work on the Constitution of India with an interdisciplinary approach, examining this great document from the philosophical, sociological, political as well as legal perspectives. D D Basu’s Commentary on the Constitution of India is the first Indian work and a masterly survey on the Constitutional law to be studied from one end of the world to the other, including countries that do not belong to the Anglo-American jurisprudential tradition. This latest volume comprehensively covers the entire ambit of relations between the Union and the States in respect of legislative, administrative and financial matters. The book also traces developments in constitutional jurisprudence through the 73rd and 74th Amendments which seek to empower Panchayats and Municipalities at the grass-root level for the smooth and effective functioning of a parliamentary democracy.

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