Directors Responsibility Under Various Acts




The Companies Act, 2013 replaced the Companies Act, 1956, with an objective to achieve more transparency, accountability and promote better Corporate Governance, in the functioning of Companies. As compared to the previous law there was an enormous change in the role of a director under new Companies Act with enhanced legislative reliance on strict liability, the reversal of onus of proof legislation and a growing emphasis on the need for directors to consider broader corporate stakeholder interests in managing companies. Directors of company play a key role to strike a fine balance between all the key stakeholders of a company.  They are agents of the company.  A Director may be an employee, a servant, worker or even an advisor of the Company. Effective and well-informed directors face a complex and ever-changing governance landscape, and in this book. The Chamber of Tax Consultants has tried to bring together far-reaching changes in directors’ duties and other principles of company law, and all the other laws which affect the way every director does his/her job. This book is a compilation containing 16 Chapters covering different aspects of various laws, such as Companies Act, PMLA, FEMA, Direct and Indirect Tax, Labour laws, Environmental laws, Real estate laws, etc. The book also provides comparison Directors liabilities in other countries as well. The Chamber is delighted with the thought-provoking contributions from the highly distinguished authors of this book who have demonstrated skill and originality in their analyses and thereby maintaining a fair balance between academic and practical quality at the forefront.

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