Drafting of Contracts – Templates with Drafting Notes



Drafting of Contracts – Templates with Drafting Notes is an essential handy guide for any draftsman, in-house counsels as it not only contains the practical and usable templates that can serve as a prototype for the various contracts but also provides a sense about the purpose and critical points of the contract. For each of the chapters, along with the templates, there is an introduction and the drafting notes, allowing a reader to grasp the essence and importance of the clauses.

It comprises of chapters on Partnership; Procurement of Goods and Services; Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures; Real Estate; Employment; Confidentiality; Franchise Business Model; Trademark; Patent; Copyright Publishing; Agency; Hire Purchase; Turnkey/EPC; and Project Finance. One chapter is exclusively devoted to the one of the most important clauses in any contract ie the Dispute Resolution clause, and it covers the intricacies of this clause with respect to different contracts.

This book will prove useful for professionals/students to understand the practical details of varied contracts; act as a beginning point for practitioners; and be useful for all considering the vast number of contracts dealt with.

Key Features :

  • Templates of important and day-to-day business contracts like non-disclosure agreement, share purchase agreement, shareholders’ agreement, procurement contracts, employment agreements, leasing and licensing documents etc.
  • Each template is prepared from practical and business-use perspective.
  • Each template is preceded by an Introduction and the Drafting Notes.
  • Extensive discussion on Dispute Resolution under different contracts.