Forensic Audit Decoded


Unlocking the Secrets of Financial Accounting & Investigation


This book focuses on a ‘detailed-commentary’ and step-by-step approach’ for the Forensic Audit of Financial Transactions. It also deals with each and every aspect of Forensic Audit of various items of statement of Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.

The Present Publication is the Latest Edition & is updated with all amendments and legal position up to July 2020, authored by G.C. Pipara.

Understanding the Forensic Audit is not complete, without actual Case Analysis and this book includes analysis of actual company cases relating to Forensic Audit, where either fraud or misrepresentation of information is found. With the help of Case Analysis, how to achieve the maximum objective of Forensic Audit, has been explained in a lucid language with step by step approach.

Each part of this book deals with the different segments of the forensic audit and each part has been devised carefully, keeping in mind – ‘Maximum Result’ and with an objective that the real purpose of Forensic Audit is served.

This book deals with –

  • Misstatement of information in financial statement,
  • Incorrect details in financial statement,
  • Diversion of funds by an entity,
  • Siphoning of Funds by an entity,
  • Fraud in some of the transactions undertaken by the entity,
  • Fraud in books of accounts and other records,
  • Fraud in the balance sheet – one which is even audited,
  • Fraud by the auditor in helping the organization to accomplish its intention etc.

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