Handbook For Directors Under Companies Act, 2013


By Amitava Banerjee



The Companies Act, 2013 has replaced the Companies Act, 1956 with an objective to achieve more transparency, accountability and promote better Corporate Governance, in the functioning of Companies. As compared to the previous law there is an enormous change in the role of a director under new companies act.

Directors of company play a key role to strike a fine balance between all the key stakeholders of a company.

The Handbook for Directors under Companies Act, 2013 is a practical guide for directors, on how they can perform their duties in accordance with legal provisions and professional standards, as per the new Companies Act, 2013.

Key features of book:

  1. The handbook is divided into four parts

     i )    giving a brief insight on the structure and salient features of the new law,

     ii )    highlighting the new concepts introduced under the Companies Act, 2013;

     iii )    role, powers and risks of company directors and

     iv )    glimpse of the corporate governance scenario.

  1. Tabular presentation for ease of understanding the provisions and flow of events

  2. Reference to sections and relevant rules for ease of cross reference

  3. Practical approach with impact analysis of provisions

  4. Corporate Sample policies

  5. Table on transition period allowed by the Act to comply with new law

  6. List of compoundable /non compoundable offences/non-bailable offences

  7. Salient features of new Companies Act.

  8. Other features:

               •  Duties of Non-Executive Directors with sample charter of duties

               •  Directors and Officers Liability Insurance etc.

               •  Implication of prevention of sexual harassment at work place law

               •  Insight into concept of Shadow Directors – person in accordance to whom the board is accustomed to act.

               •  Point which a director shall consider before accepting appointment

               •  Corporate governance scenario under the Act and Securities laws