Harpreet Kaur Business and Corporate Laws



Business and Corporate Laws are a set of policies that standardize an individual’s demeanor and business practices within the society and help him in running his business in accordance with laws and regulations. In the era of liberalization and globalization of economy Business and Corporate laws have become more important and they acquire a certain degree of complexity in regulating and fostering competition. By understanding this subject one is able to avoid legal errors as one becomes aware of different laws applicable to business and is also able to carry on business in a legal way with safe and secure business transactions. The present work is an effort to present such complex laws in concise and simple format with their practical implications. The purpose of this book is to introduce business laws not only to management students and students of law specialising in commercial laws but also to accountants and other professionals. In this book, statutory provisions have been written in the form of text and case law has been given in the form of illustrations to impart the touch of practical approach to the subject. Cases have been explained in the form of case studies as is the usual practice in management teaching. This makes the subject easy to understand. In order to induce an understanding of the changing face of business laws, different laws have been arranged in a special way. The book includes all relevant regulations applicable to different facets of business contracts, business organisations, business transactions, consumer transactions, financing of business transactions, intellectual property rights connected with business organisations, labour management relations, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and certain other related topics like information technology and insurance regulations and transfer of property. Laws covered by the book are arranged in a unique way giving separate introduction to all chapters in every part and after every chapter case studies and selected questions are added. Learning objectives and points to remember are given for all the chapters in the beginning and at the end respectively.

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