Hindu Law of Marriage and Divorce



The book Hindu Law of Marriage and Divorce envisages the myriad dimensions of marriage under the purview of Hindu Law. The colossal transition in the concept of marriage, right from its inception till the implementation of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 (and it's subsequent amendments) has been construed in this book in the most intricate way.

After the overwhelming adulations received in the first edition, this second edition has been revised with an endeavor to throw light upon even the finer nuances of marriage and it's diverse aspects, like divorce and judicial separation, maintenance, alimony and matrimonial relief and jurisdiction and procedure under the Hindu law. With the confluence of scientific advancements and legal implications, this edition has also dedicated a part, on the relevancy of DNA test in matrimonial proceedings. This edition has also incorporated the issue of directions passed by foreign courts w.r.t custody of children of divorcing Indian parents settled abroad. Some of the key judgments on this issue has been illustrated in this edition for a comprehensive understanding of the readers. This elaborate edition has been assimilated with ready references to recent and relevant statutory provisions and important judgments.

This edition is an exhaustive anthology on the subject matter, that would be of significant assistance to law students, faculties and legal professionals alike.

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