India Intellectual Property Rights Case Digest (5th Edition)


By Atti Tyagi  & Prashant Sharma



This book provides a compendium of judgments that shaped Indian Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR”) Laws during last hundred years. This is a unique attempt to bring together at one place the judgments from Trademarks, Patents, Copyright and Design Laws. Domain name dispute judgments is a new field directly affecting IT industry. Dedicated sections are allotted to domain name and International Cases that have a bearing on Indian IPR Laws.


  • Covers over 3500 headnotes from judgments under various IPR Laws.
  • Covers IPR case-laws laws for more than one century i.e. 1913-2013.
  • Section-wise arrangement of case-laws.
  • Inclusion of separate section on Domain names.
  • Comprehensive head-notes covering facts and held portion from judgments.
  • Covering Citations from a wide range of journals.