Introduction to the Interpretation of Statutes



Overview: Introduction to Interpretation of Statutes is a study of rules of interpretation drawn from general scope and intention of the instrument or legislation. The book explains interpretation of statutes as a process which is adopted for determination of the meaning of a writing, to determine from its known elements its true meaning or the intent of the framers. The book explains interpretation of statutes not a science but an art to find out the meaning of words in the context of a given situation.

Key Features :-

  • A book for understanding basic principles, internal and external aids to construction, rules of interpretation and recent trends of interpretation of statutes
  • Established principles of interpretation have been emphasized through the new case law dealing with new situations
  • Adopts a lucid and analytical approach

New to this edition :-

  • The present edition has been extensively revised to include developments after publishing of previous edition
  • Updated with landmark judgments on interpretation of statutes
  • Redundant content is deleted to maintain relevance to the topic

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