Law Relating to Motor Accident Claims (A Ready Referencer with Latest Judgments)


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The book “Motor Accident Claim Referencer“ by Justice J.R. Midha is a book based on many a decision of this Court and Apex Court to throw a laser beam on all aspects and to educate the lawyers and adjudicators from many an angle. It carves out compartmentalized responsibilities in a significant manner and has also shown the prism of the innovative measures by taking recourse to the science of interpretation of not only the provisions of the law relating to insurance but also laws which are ancillary to the said field. The book does not only frescoe a pragmatic approach to deal with the problems but also provokes thoughts which are inspiring. It lays special emphasis on the point that an intellectual activism has the potentiality to usher in panacea to the problems faced by the persons who are poor and needy.

The Delhi Judicial Academy by publishing such a book has paved the glorious path on academics and has lived the role of `Academy` in every sense of the term. Such publications are always educative building architecture of knowledge.

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