Managing Tax Disputes in India – Key Concepts and Practical Insights



Managing Tax Disputes in India attempts to decipher the puzzle of tax litigation and disputes under the Indian tax regime. The book provides an overview of the Indian legal system and its ailments, critically evaluates the various litigation forums, and discerns the various complicated matters with regard to tax disputes, e.g. appeals, writ options, judicial orders, revisionary powers, jurisdiction of courts, interpretations.

Additionally, it embodies insights on the recent trends in litigation and litigation practices, with particular reference to international transactions, transfer pricing and indirect taxes to complete the literature.

Key Highlights:

  • Overview of the Indian legal system and its ailments
  • Discussion on litigation forums available in India
  • Review of extra territorial jurisdiction of Indian Courts
  • Deliberations on appeals, writ petitions, judicial orders, revisionary powers, retrospective amendments, etc.
  • Examination of alternative dispute resolution mechanism in India
  • Analysis of the concept of legal interpretation
  • Insights into recent trends in tax litigation and litigation practices in India
  • Examines key tax issues in international transactions
  • Evaluates transfer pricing litigation and controversies
  • Examines key tax issues in indirect tax laws

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