MLJ Civil Court Manual 14th Edition Vol. 1



Presenting the most comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date Civil Court Manual in the country. Exhaustive coverage of Supreme Court cases and Case law drawn from 48 High Court & Supreme Court journals Key Highlights – Major Acts such as the Arbitration Act (in 866pp), Advocates Act and the Administrative Tribunal Act have been covered extensively and comprehensively – The table of contents provide Acts and Rules in an Alphabetical as well as Chronological order – Introduction of cause titles and parallel citations in respect of cases is incorporated Case law covered till January 2011 – 10,000 (approx.) new cases have been added – Covers all new Acts – Includes all relevant legislative references under each section – Statement of Objects and Reasons (SOR) introduced in CCM for the first time – Headings & sub-headings have been introduced for easy identification of case law on the relevant subject – All Supreme Court cases have been highlighted with a bold bullet mark (•) preceding the party names – For easy navigation, the running heads carry the section and the synopsis number – For easy reference, crucial information in relation to judgments as to whether they have been “overruled”, “reversed”, “dissented”, has been highlighted in bold – Detailed Synopses is provided for all Statutes Key Journals Referred Supreme Court Cases (SCC), All India Reporter (AIR), SCALE, Arbitration Law Reporter, Calcutta Weekly Notes, Jharkhand Cases Reporter, Western Law Cases, Andhra Law Decisions, Orissa Law Reporter, Bombay Case Reporter