Mulla The Key to Indian Practice - A summary of the Code of Civil Procedure



Mulla The Key to Indian Practice is an acclaimed classic that contains a summary of the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure and provides an overview of the conduct of civil suits in Indian courts. The book educates students, legal practitioners and consultants about the practice and procedure in the conduct of suits in and out of court. Every important section of the Code has been noted in its appropriate place, thus making the work useful not only as a guide to Indian Practice, but also as a readable summary of the Code best suited to the requirements of legal professionals, those with experience as well as new entrants to the field of law.

New to the Edition
• Latest Supreme Court and High Courts Judgments
• Contemporary topics that have emerged during the progress of this work have also been incorporated. Some of these relate to trust beneficiary, mortgage redemption, non-maintainability of separate suits
• The provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 have been concisely discussed in a systematic manner with an attempt to co-relate the chapters aiming to make the reading interesting

Key Features
• Covers how the course of an ordinary suit is followed, from the moment the plaintiff determines to sue till the time he obtains a decree
• Elaborates in detail the critical process of execution of a decree and the possible consequences of an appeal by an affected party
• Employs the explanatory method of treatment enabling advocates not only to understand the provisions of the Code, but also to see how these provisions are applied in practice
• Revised and updated thoroughly to include latest judgments and case laws

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