Nitin Vaid’s Tax Deduction at Source Simplified - As amended by the Finance Act, 2017



Tax Deduction at Source Simplified provides guidance covering general and specific aspects with regard to payments accompanied with TDS obligations and other related compliances under the Income-tax Act, 1961. This edition is duly updated with the amendments brought in by the Finance Act, 2017. It is designed in the FAQs form so that readers can understand the legal provisions without referring to the statute per se. It addresses all the possible queries one may ask with regard to TDS with supporting notifications, circulars as well as judicial pronouncements.

Key Features:-
• Updated with the latest TDS calendar and tax rates as applicable on DTAA
• Statutory provisions are illustrated with practical examples for better understanding
• Solutions are appropriately supported with relevant statutory provision or case law
• Equalisation levy as introduced by the Finance Act, 2016 discussed at length
• Conflicting judicial pronouncements are also reconciled and concluded
• Situation based solutions are provided in easy language
• Assist business to comply with TDS obligations by adopting a balanced approach
• Key takeaways at the end of each provision to summarise the entire discussion
• Accentuate penal provisions to ensure timely compliance

This book will be an indispensable reference for professionals especially chartered accountants and company secretaries and also a valuable resource for a businessman looking for straight forward answers to his TDS related issues.

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