P C Markanda’s Building & Engineering Contracts – Law & Practice (Set of 2 Volumes)


This book thus focuses on the underlying concepts and principles behind various clauses in a building and construction contract, supporting them with domestic and international case law to explain the practical side of the subject. The book also refers to works by various foreign authors, wherever it was found that the principles laid down could be applied to India as well.

Salient Features:-
• Thematic commentary on law relating to building and engineering contracts.
• Contains detailed discussion on topics of special importance:
(i) Contracts with Government
(ii) Tenders
(iii) Interpretation of Engineering Clauses
(iv) Approvals and Certificates
(v) Blacklisting
(vi) Bank Guarantees
(vii) Breach and Frustration of Contracts
(viii) Liquidated Damages
(ix) Extension of Time
• Prominent international works such as Hudson’s Building & Engineering Contracts, Chitty on Contracts, Emden & Watson’s Building Contracts & Practice and Creswell on Contracts are referred to.
• Includes critical analysis of conflicting judgments and their consequences.
• Examines relevant case law from other jurisdictions including UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, France, Australia and New Zealand.

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