Principles of Business and Commercial Laws


By D P Mittal



This book provides in simple language an up to date commentary on substantive provisions of business and commercial laws of India, illustrated by relevant decisions of various courts and is designed in a manner to make it useful for chartered accountants, company secretaries, advocates and law students.

This book contains:

    1. The book is divided in five parts containing laws related to:

      • Business organisation- dealing with different forms of business undertakings.

      • Ownership and disposal of property- dealing with acquisition and disposal of movable and immovable property.

      • Trade and business – dealing with contract, agency and other important aspects of business relationship.

      • Buyers, sellers and customers- dealing with various aspects of buyer, seller and customer relationships their rights, duties and other issues.

      • Settlement of dispute- dealing with laws related to resolution and settlement of disputes. 

    1. Covering wide range of Acts related to business and commerce.

    2. Special emphasis on latest laws like the Companies Act, 2013, Competition Act, 2002, Information Technology Act, 2000 and various other laws related to Intellectual Property Rights.