Principles of Law of Arbitration in India



This is the only book in the market which deals with the principles of Arbitration law in India rather than a section wise commentary of the provisions of the Indian Arbitration Act. Moreover the book deals with the principles of law based on the stages of the arbitration proceeding as a lawyer would experience whilst conducting an arbitration proceeding. Hence, the book is a practical guide to the conduct of arbitration proceeding which no other book currently in the market deals with. The chapters leads a reader through a step by step stage of the arbitration proceedings. In addition to the aforesaid, the book sets out the legal principles fully supported by case laws as laid down by different courts in the country. From practical usage point of view by practitioners and students, the book is being published in a single volume as all other books that have more than one volume which makes it cumbersome & less user friendly. Importantly, since the book deals with principles of law in arbitration it is more useful than section wise commentary as users need not read the whole case law to cull out the principles to put to practical use unlike a section wise commentary approach.

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