Procedures and Compliances, 2E


A Practical Approach to the Companies Act, 2013

By Milind Kasodekar & Shilpa Dixit



This book attempts to provide a master key to professionals connected to the Companies Act and is responsible for compliance management in an organisation. It aims at making a professional’s life simple by providing a quick review of various provisions and rules, in the form of a checklist for day to day activities carried out by an organisation. Along with the procedural part, it also contains the relevant references of sections, rules, applicable e- forms/returns, circulars & notifications etc.

Key Features:- 

  • Comprehensive list of forms and applicable rules along with the references of chapters and sections of the Companies Act, 2013
  • Comprehensive list of fines and penalties-compoundable and non-compoundable
  • Table of applicable fees to be paid to the registrar at the time of registration Chapter-wise elaborate and detailed coverage of:
    • Checkpoints to be considered for various procedural requirements
    • Action points to be taken
    • Procedures to be followed
    • Check lists of applicable forms
  • References of the provisions of secretarial standards issued by the ICSI (SS1 & SS2)
  • Reproduction of relevant sections and rules for ease of reading and reference
  • Includes comprehensive checklist on related party transactions