Students Referencer on Standards on Auditing


CA Inter & CA Final

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The Examination Marks weight age for Standards on Auditing has increased over a period, ranging From 2 Mark True or False Type Question at the CA Inter level, up to 12 Marks Discussion Type Questions at the CA Final Level. There are also multi-aspect questions which require the student to Apply 2 or 3 Standards I Principles to a given situation This New Edition of “Students’ Reference Oil Standards Oil Auditing” for CA Final & Inter cover All the Standards under the Framework of Auditing Standards, and is updated with the recent Exam Questions of the ICAI.

The following are the special features of this New Edition :

Latest Standards: All Standards, as revised up to May 2018 have been updated.

Layout: Each Standard comes with a pleasing and student — friendly layout of …

(a) Preliminaries,

(b) Definitions,

(c) Requirements of the Standard,

(d) Additional Matters wherever applicable,

(e) Important Revision Questions.

Style: The contents of the Standard have been organized in separate Sections, Paragraphs, Diagrams, and Tables, wherever applicable, to suit ease of reading and understanding.

Illustrative Formats: Wherever applicable, Illustrative Formats have also been given.

Past Exam Questions: Past Exam Questions and Revision Test Paper (RTP) Questions have been appended in each Standard, along with Hint Answers

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