Textbook on Indian Penal Code


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Text Book on the Indian Penal Code by Professor K D Gaur, a distinguished scholar and an eminent jurist of International repute is a classic work in criminal law. It has been adjudged as the best text book on the subject. The present edition of this critical and comprehensive study of the Indian Penal Code has been extensively revised and updated. With the help of examples, illustrations and elucidatory notes complex subjects have been explained in simple style so that readers could grasp the subjects easily. Excellent Annexures dealing with the rights of the accused, victims of crime and guidelines to effective study and understanding of criminal law have enhanced the worth and utility of the book. The cases that have upheld the concept of right to compensation to the victims of rape, even to a foreign national; accountability of public servants and ministers for arbitrary exercise of discretionary powers; personal liability for contempt of court; absolute liability against environmental and hazardous crimes; State accountability for police crimes, custodial death, atrocities on women and human rights violations; manufacturer’s liability for criminal negligence etc., have been elaborately discussed. Crime against women, bride burning, dowry death and sexual harassment at workplace have also been incorporated. World wide trend to abolish death sentence and legalize Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS), euthanasia and mercy killing in the context of Aruna Ramchandra Shanbaugh right to die vis-a-vis right not to die; right to life of the unborn vis-a-vis women’s right to privacy to seek termination of pregnancy, are some of the fascinating topics that form part of the book.

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