The Indian Contract & Specific Relief Acts (Set of 2 Volumes)



This is a 112 years old title on the Indian Contracts Act and the Specific Relief Act. When the book was first introduced in 1905 by Sir Frederick Pollock and Sir Dinshaw Fardunji Mulla, it made reference to and relied on literal interpretation of several English authorities. Subsequently, the Courts in India began to apply the principles of Common Law to the facts of Indian society.

This edition have retained the old style of referring to international case laws, by including important arbitration proceedings and decisions of highest courts from common law jurisdictions, such as Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Malaysia.

Salient Features:-
• Comprehensive commentary on two main statutes governing law of contracts and remedies, i.e. Indian Contract Act, 1872 and Specific Relief Act, 1963
• In addition, it contains provisions of relevant sections of other statutes. Eg. Section 7 of the Indian Contract Act – “Acceptance must be absolute” in the context of Article 299 of the Constitution
• Section-wise commentary arranged under suitable headings
• The new edition incorporates all legislative changes and important judgments by the High Courts and Supreme Courts.

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