The Indian Penal Code - A Critical Commentary



The work tries to exhibit the whole gamut of the Penal Law in a systematic manner. Detailed analysis has been made of the general principles of criminal liability and also the fundamental principles of actus reas, mens rea, automatism, strict liability, ignorantia juris non excusat, causation of crimes, and vicarious liability, etc. Important relevant English case laws are included in support of those concepts. Current judicial as well as legislative issues related to Indian Penal Code are discussed vividly. All the amendments made recently including the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act 2013 with comments thereon are incorporated in proper places. 

The book catalogues almost all the important topics that are treated as burning issues of the day, such as—euthanasia, cruelty to women, dowry death, kidnapping, change of concept of obscenity, right to private defence, abetment to commit suicide, etc. Critical analysis has been made on the controversial issues like—difference between culpable homicide and murder, constitutional validity of execution of death sentence, expanded definition of rape, consent in rape cases, grievous hurt and its punishment, buying or selling minor for the purpose of prostitution, marrying again during lifetime of husband or wife, punishment for murder by life convict etc.

The book is an invaluable guide to the academic field, as well as for the bar and the bench.


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