The Maharashtra Stamp Act



[Bom. Act LX of 1958]

As Amended by Mah. Ordinance No. VII of 2019 dt. 8-3-2019

The Mah. Stamp Duties (Consolidation or Composition) Rules, 2018 dt. 9-1-2018

The Bombay stamp rules, 1939.

The Bombay stamp (refund) rules, 1963.

The Bombay stamp (determination of true market value of property rules, 1995.

The Bombay stamp supply & sale rules, 1934.

Instruments governed by the indian stamp act, 1899.

Extracts of the registration act, 1908 sec. 17.

Important notification under the registration act, 1908.

Sale of stamp paper: vendor whether can be witness.

Toll Tax lease agreement: Hoarding sites: Advertisements rights.

Vodafone case: Transnational jurisdiction : look through principle if applicable.

Rationalisation of stamp duty: Real Estate Transactions.

Sale of stamp paper: Vendor whether can be witness.

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